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Are you interested in a career as a Real Estate Investor?

We all know real estate is one of the most lucrative industries, and I’m willing to fully train you so you can get in on the action. The Sussex County market is full of deals just waiting to be done but I can’t do it alone, which is why I’m wanting to add you to my team. Being on my team, you will: – Receive FREE Training. You’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know to flip a house. – YOU WILL FLIP YOU OWN HOUSES WITH MY MONEY – Have access to Funding – I’ll fund your deals FOR YOU! – Set your own schedule: I’m not here to micromanage you. You’re an adult. Work when YOU want. – Have FREE access to my innovative Marketing strategies. I’ll even market your properties for you to ENSURE they get sold quick so YOU get PAID. – Unlimited Income possibilities: there’s no cap to your potential earnings. You can make $4,000/week EASILY. Now for the hidden disclaimer that’s NOT so hidden…This can be a VERY highly paid position. The money is VERY ATTRACTIVE but if you don’t have a passion for Real Estate and helping people please DO NOT apply as you will not be hired (it’s very easy for us to read people). Apply ONLY if you’re ready to learn. On Thursday, January 19th, I am presenting a free 2 hour introduction class to describe my 6 week FREE house flipping class (1 class a week for 6 weeks) for aspiring Real Estate Investors who are wanting to at least double their current income flipping houses.

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