Lipophen - RX Appetite Suppressant

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Lipopnen- RX is designed to:

 Regulates Hunger
Reduces Food Cravings
* Helps protect DNA 
 Proper Heart Function
 Controls Fat & Cholesterol
 Protein Metabolism
Controlling weight issues
* Regulates Blood Sugar & Insulin levels
 Decreases Appetite
 Regulates Cravings for Carbs
 Promotes Weight Loss
 Stimulates hormones to release fat in the body
 Endless Energy
Sense of Well Being/ Youthful Feelings
 Memory Enhancer 
Lowers Cholesterol 
* Anti-Obesity Agent 
* Anti-Inflammatory 
* Antioxidant 
 Inhibits ability to taste sweets 
 No bloating at all with fast food or dining out
* and much more… 

Terms & Conditions of Daily Deal

I designed this supplement to mimic Phentermine without side effects !!

I was 320lbs an lost 125 lbs so far and reaching for 145 total !! I will be 175lb by summer !!

Started at 42 waist now 30-32 and from XXXL to Large shirt size !!!  I feel great !!! 


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Max pills per day is 4 – 2 in morning & 2 at lunch time 

Check with Doctor before using this product.

(Pick up or drop off only)

You must download MyFitnessPal App and follow during the weightloss !!!

Details of Daily Deals

LIPOPHEN-RX is a break through in the Appetite Suppressant / Diet supplements.

We believe that LIPOPHEN-RX is the Ultimate Appetite Suppressant & Fat Loss Supplement on the Market .

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