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A hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (hTMA) is a noninvasive medical test that provides comprehensive information about key nutrient mineral levels and ratios, metabolic status, and toxicity. ThehTMA lab report can be used to correct the levels and ratios of essential minerals, thus improving cellular function (e.g., the transmembrane potential). When individual cells are working properly, health improves.

Medical tests usually focus on identifying the cause of a specific clinical symptom or set of symptoms. Typically, the test result will be used to determine a pharmaceutical therapy or surgical intervention. In contrast, hTMA is a multipurpose medical screenthat provides comprehensive information about your overall health status. With hTMA data, a qualified clinician can make recommendations for a corrective nutritional approach to improve general health, support safedetoxification, and help to resolve confusing or complex clinical symptoms. Lab results provide baseline information about your health, and early detection of trends toward disease (predictive medicine).

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